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Madison Antonac 

Ant the label is a slow fashion clothing brand established in 2021 by local Australian designer, Madison Antonac. While studying textile design at RMIT Madison saw the need for more “slow fashion” local Australian brands, to counteract the “fast fashion movement” that dominates today’s society. From here, Ant the label was born and named after Madison’s own last name “Antonac” connecting the label with Madison’s identity and values. Designed right here in Victoria, Australia, Ant the label was constructed with love for people and the environment in mind. With this in mind Ant the label's drops are small, with limited stock to ensure minimal textile waste is achieved. Passion, heart and soul goes into every item of clothing at Ant the label with the mindset that our clothes will inevitably make waves in the “slow fashion” industry of Australia. We appreciate and thank you for all the love and support shown in our journey so far.

With love, Madison

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Meet our amazing pattern maker and machinist at Ant the label; Charlotte Helmer. Charlotte works to make our dreams become a reality through pattern making, sampling, and of course the sewing of our garments at Ant the label. Charlotte has recently completed her ‘Associate Degree in Fashion Design & Technology’ at RMIT, where she was able to evolve her technical sewing, whilst discovering her love for pattern making. As she currently completes her ‘Bachelor in Fashion Design’, Charlotte continues to combine her study with her passion for protecting our environment, sharing the same values of slow fashion with us at Ant the label. In saying this we can’t wait to share with you what the future holds with Charlotte, as she works to make all our clothing dreams come true.

About: Welcome
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